Brunswick Clay Collective Facilities


Brunswick Clay Collective has new Shimpo wheels (1 Whisper, 4 Lite).  All of them are quiet and able to handle heavy loads of clay. The wheel heads have not been drilled, so in order to use wheel batts, you need to make a pad of clay or chamois rounds usually do the trick. 

Kilns and Firing

Firing is available to members and casual studio users.  We have two kilns in the studio. A small and ancient Duncan and a shiny new Rohde.  Both are electric.  Click here for firing rates.


Shelf space is available for members and casual visitors.

Clay and Tools

A small selection of clay is available to purchase at the studio. Studio users are to deal with their own reclaim, wedging it up to recycle or taking it home to dispose of however they choose.  Reclaiming is encouraged of course.

Basic tools are available but studio users are encouraged to bring their own. 

Wheel bats are available for purchase.  


Studio users are welcome to use Brunswick Clay Collective glazes that are suited to midfire and/or stoneware firings.  Use of the house glazes adds to glaze firing costs.

Tea and Coffee

Brigid is more than happy to make you a cup of tea or coffee!