I’m Brigid, and about 10 years ago I became addicted to clay and throwing pots more specifically.  I undertook a wide range of classes around town and gained skills and knowledge from some amazing potters and prodigious artists such as Neville French and Shane Kent. But there came a time when a 6-8 week course a few times a year wasn’t enough - I needed more time at the wheel to make the kind of pots I wanted to make.  I didn’t have space at home for a wheel, let alone a kiln and I needed access to a studio so that I could nurture my pots from the wedging and throwing, right through to firing. I wanted control of the whole process. So, after spending a lot of time looking at the very limited options, I finally bit the bullet and found myself a studio.  In the years following I have been creating a body of work and teaching part time.

I’m not a production thrower and while I enjoy connecting with customers and pottery enthusiasts, I don’t want to spend a lot of time selling my work.  I love making pots in my own slow time, connecting with people and creating space for community.  I have found teaching and passing on skills especially gratifying.

Brunswick Clay Collective was born out of the idea of making a ceramics and pottery studio more attainable by sharing space and facilities, and offering a membership program so that people can practise in the hours that suit them in a friendly and warm environment. To complement the membership program and to offer an induction to the studio, classes are available in small groups.